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Adam Croft Themed Spiral Notebook

Adam Croft Themed Spiral Notebook

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Unleash your inner wordsmith, note-taker or doodler with this 118-page spiral notebook featuring a delightfully twisted cover design. The front boasts the cheeky quote "Don't push me. I read Adam Croft books. I know where to hide the bodies" in bold lettering, sure to give any crime fiction fan a chuckle.

Within the notebook, 118 sheets of smooth, ruled paper provide ample space for journaling, list-making, sketching or scribbling whatever inspires you. The sturdy spiral binding allows the notebook to lie flat, while perforated pages let you tear out sheets as needed.

The back cover keeps things simple with a classic black finish. This allows the hilarious quote design to take centre stage. Small enough to toss in a bag yet big enough for extended writing sessions, it makes the perfect portable companion.

Whether you're an Adam Croft enthusiast or just appreciate British humour, this notebook's unique cover art makes a fantastically funny gift for the crime novel devotee in your life. Let your inner author or artist run wild within its pages.

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