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Adam Croft

The Westerlea House Mystery

The Westerlea House Mystery

Kempston Hardwick (Book #2)

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Series: Kempston Hardwick (Book #2)

Release date: 5 August 2013

Pages: 200

ISBN: 9781912599721

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Oscar Whitehouse foretold his own death on live TV. Hours later, he's found dead in a locked room. But who killed him?

When TV psychic Oscar Whitehouse is found murdered inside a locked room, private detective Kempston Hardwick and his friend Ellis Flint are called in to investigate.

Within a matter of days, a second murder takes place in the small village of Tollinghill and a local resident claims she saw the already-dead Oscar Whitehouse at the scene, apparently alive and well. Hardwick and Flint realise they have more than just a conventional mystery in the village. Can they uncover the secret of the Tollinghill murders, before it’s too late?

Customer Reviews

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Kindle Customer

This was an incredible story, got me gripped as mystery’s are very good, couldn’t work any of it out. I found it better than book 1 in the series!


Adam Croft does it again.Kempston Hardwick is the sort of British curmudgeon John Thorpe would play to perfection (think Sweeny & Morse) - and if you are a fan of these shows, this one is right up your street. Fans of Christie and Midsomer Murders will also be well entertained by this gentle, tongue-in-cheek homage to the genre. Great character development - Ellis Flint is proving to be hours of fun.

Lucy Hayward

This was actually the first Kempston Hardwick book I read and I loved it enough to go back and read the others too. If you like a well crafted murder mystery without too much blood and gore, this is a book for you. Adam Croft is a great writer and presents well rounded and believable characters - whether they are major or minor players in the story. Definitely worth a read!!


Yet another great read from Adam Croft. Took me a while to find the time to get started on this one, but once I did I couldn't put it down! The usual great plot & characters I've come to expect from this author, I really do enjoy his books. Top stuff, I won't leave it as long this time to get started on the next one. 5 stars again.

Nigel Girling

Nicely written and kept me engaged throughout. I like the characters and can imagine them developing nicer over many further stories.