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Adam Croft

In the Name of the Father

In the Name of the Father


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Series: Knight & Culverhouse (Book #6)

Release date: 25 November 2016

Pages: 268

ISBN: 9781912599639

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An anonymous phone call reveals a horrifying secret. But can it be murder if there isn't a body?

Father Joseph Kümmel is not just a deeply religious and spiritual man. He's the leader of a closed religious community at Hilltop Farm — one which kills members who want to leave.

When someone manages to get messages to DCI Jack Culverhouse and DS Wendy Knight about the goings-on at Hilltop Farm, they begin to uncover a web of dark deception and murderous intent. With a distinct lack of evidence and a community distrustful of the police, they’re left fighting against the odds.

The stakes are raised when their attempts to charge Father Joseph are blocked by higher powers. Will they be able to uncover the truth in time to stop his plans for a far more sinister fate for the residents of Hilltop Farm?

Customer Reviews

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Well Adam Croft does it again – another excellent chapter in the Knight and Culverhouse series. This one was quite haunting, especially at the end when it is disclosed what has really been going on at Hilltop Farm! We start with an extremely strange chapter in which someone is talking about getting a message out but not being able to make it long or detailed. This immediately piques our interest and sets the scene for a series of mystifying and horrifying events to follow. The tale is told so that we see both sides of the story, so in effect we know what is going on but it takes the police until just over half the book before they finally get more information which enables them to request a warrant to search the commune and arrest Father Joseph Kummel. At that point the action starts to gain momentum until we reach the dramatic and quite horrifying conclusion. Throughout all this Jack Culverhouse struggles with getting to grips over having his estranged daughter back in his life whilst Wendy Knight has her own personal problems surrounding her brother.All in all this is another excellent story which is so well written that it brings the characters to life and makes me wonder why I left it so long since I read the last one.

Paul Tipping

Well it feels like an age since the last outing for DCI Culverhouse and DS Knight. But thats not true – it just seems that way. The subject matter was not to my taste (religious cult,) however the writing of the book was very good. The story is based in the little hamlet of Mildenheath, which has it's own police station and CID unit. Like all Police stations it is under fire from 'politicians.' to centralise into a group, The DCI is also hampered by the fact that he is a PC dinosaur. He relies on his DS to cover his backside for him. In this outing he has the extra responsibility of family, wife and teenager to care for and they are not making his life easy. The balance between life and work is not something he has had to get right before.Furthermore there is a private community who have been walled off in their own little world on the edge of Mildenheath, who for many years have not posed a problem at all until an anonymous telephone call about a murder on the property raises the groups awareness on the police's radar. The group, led by a 'godlike' Father Kummel who appears untouchable by the police. The climax reaches a peak when the community is raided by the police. To search for the body.A well written book, which draws you in to read more!

Amazon Customer

We have read this series from the first novel. The storylines get better with each book.

Melanie Austin

This is a fantastic addition to the Knight and Culverhouse series and another book of Adam Croft's that I just could not put down. I love everything about the Knight and Culverhouse series, but especially the relationship between Wendy Knight and Jack Culverhouse, I love their quick wit and especially Jack's sarcasm, this is a book that will have you gripped and laughing at the same time.Adam is very clever in the way that he has developed these characters to make them both so different but they fit together so well and you love them both for so many different reasons.I am a huge fan of Adam Croft and this series especially so if you have no yet started, don't waste another second, an amazing read by an amazing author.

mystery queen

I enjoyed this novel but would have liked to know more about what happened at the farm. as I follow the series I think Culverhouse is setting himself up for a fall although I would like to see more appreciation for his work and it would be lovely for wendy to find a partner who loves and cares for her because at the moment her only care is work and she will end up like Culverhouse! looking forward to the next instalment.