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Adam Croft

Closer To You

Closer To You


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Release date: 25 February 2020

Pages: 314

ISBN: 9781912599707

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What if your loved one wanted you dead?

Grace wants to spend the rest of her life with Tom. She needs to. Because otherwise he’ll kill her.

He’s the perfect gentleman. He’s kind, attentive and caring. Her family love him. And he needs Grace dead. But why?

As the feeling grows that Tom is not as perfect as he seems, he begins to slowly and systematically destroy her life. Can she discover the truth and escape with her life?

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Grace has walked down the aisle and stood next to Matt the person who she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She has just said I do and is waiting for Matt to do the same. That's doesn't happen. Matt leaves the church saying he can't go through with it. She thinks this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her until she meets Tom on an Internet dating site


I can see now why I am such a big fan of Adam Croft. Every offering of his is a work of amazing genius. Where he gets his ideas from is beyond me, but they are just so fascinating and this one was no exception. The story begins as a couple meet for the first time and start to get to know one another. He seems to be the perfect guy and she can see absolutely nothing to make her think otherwise. However, I think it’s fair to say that the reader is immediately suspicious. As the story continues, the relationship becomes more and more fragile and the tension starts to build – mainly because the reader has started to get an idea of what might be about to happen. Of course, the author always makes sure that the reader also accepts the fact that they could be wrong, as he weaves a plot so intricate that you really don’t know anything for sure. The ending is fast paced and frightening in places, building to a crescendo and then a very meaningful message about life in general.I absolutely loved this book and found it a very quick read, mainly because I couldn’t put it down. One thing I do know for sure is that Adam Croft is a brilliant author and I will be eagerly awaiting his next offering.

Kindle Customer

Read inside two days and thoroughly enjoyed. A common theme with Adams books is how quickly I and others read them. Why is this? They are well written, easy to read, compulsive, entertaining, classic thrillers by a master of his craft.


A well written book most people would enjoy it, but it was to close to home for me, the book was so close to my childhood, one of the phrases I lived with was you don’t want to do that. No they didn’t want me to do it.


Grace seems like a quiet but easily led young woman. She meets Tom, the man of her dreams, kind, good-looking, sociable, hard working. For some reason which she can't grasp, her friends are more circumspect about this new relationship, her parents are suspicious of Tom's motives, and as the relationship develops Grace becomes more isolated. Finally things reach breaking point. As I read the book, I kept trying to tell Grace what I thought, but there on the page she took no notice. It's a great insight into a controlling relationship and worth reading for that alone. But the final chapters are full of surprises which I'm not giving away....