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Adam Croft

With A Vengeance

With A Vengeance


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Series: Knight & Culverhouse (Book #7)

Release date: 16 July 2017

Pages: 260

ISBN: 9781912599646

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Eleven years ago. A bungled armed robbery led by career criminal Freddie Galloway leaves a police officer shot in the face, fighting for his life.

Present day. The shooter is released from prison, hell bent on revenge. That night, Freddie Galloway leaps to his death to escape a blazing inferno in his country mansion.

With arson confirmed as the cause of the fire, Mildenheath CID are left battling a web of lies as they delve deep into the dark underbelly of Mildenheath's criminal underworld.

But what they discover will be enough to shock them to the core.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle jones
With a vengeance

Excellent read


The characters that we have come to know in the earlier books of this series continue to develop but it would not spoil the experience to read in isolation. Adam Croft is a master of delivering the unexpected twist and this book does not disappoint. The reader is left wanting more. Intense disappointment is felt when you realise that there are no more pages to turn.Thank you Adam!

Lanky Lass

Yet another from the fabulous pen of Adam Croft! The latest in the Knight & Culverhouse series and yet another page turner with a real twist at the end. I loved the pace of this book and know I will enjoy reading it again and again as I do with all of his works.As I read along I thought maybe Adam was going to retire Culverhouse with one or two little episodes along the way. I was not prepared for the nail biting ending that we got and am glad that Knight and Culverhouse go on to fight crime another day.I hope Adam is busy writing yet another book as I am lost without one of his books in my library. Ah well, I shall read one I have read earlier..

Margaret Gardiner

I have all the Knight and Culverhouse books and, as with the others, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I don't know how Adam manages to come up with the storylines, but he keeps me riveted each time. I liked how the story did not end with the solving of the crime but carried on to give a bit more about the back story of the characters. I am a great fan of Adam's writing and if you are not familiar with his books can thoroughly recommend you read the Knight and Culverhouse series. I can't wait for the next one.


I gave this book 5 stars as I have enjoyed the full seven books of this series, the relationship of two high ranking police officers is portrayed throughout the full series, while still introducing new characters.If you enjoy reading crime thrillers with twists, you'll enjoy this series.The reader feels they know Wendy Knight and Jack Culverhouse personally after reading first few books and with each new case your routing for them and devastated when things go wrong!