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Adam Croft

Too Close for Comfort

Too Close for Comfort


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Series: Knight & Culverhouse (Book #1)

Release date: 4 January 2011

Pages: 180

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What if the serial killer you were investigating was someone you knew?

DS Wendy Knight's first murder case was always going to test her limits, but even she couldn't anticipate that a sadistic serial killer might be someone she knew - very well.

As her investigation unfolds, so too does a sinister plot that will turn her world upside down and make it increasingly difficult to distinguish friend from foe in her tightknit world.

By the time Wendy realises she is the killer's final intended victim, she's left fighting against her personal instincts - and for her life.

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Searson
Purchased as a present for my husband.

My husband thoroughly enjoyed this book. As we live quite close to Rutland and he fishes there he found the backdrop and history fascinating. Good read!


Well as I couldn't sleep I thought I would finish this off.This is my second book by Adam croft and another one I really enjoyed. I got through this book pretty quick. What I love about Adams books are he makes the main character loved. I have really took to the character and when it comes to end of book in disappointed cus j want more lolI am giving this book a 5 star as it for me going from the start to finish.DS Wendy knight is the new recruitment in the murder squad in midenhealth. After getting a case of a murdered prostitute then not long getting a second body she realises she has a serial killer on her hands.After meeting new love interest Robert she gets suspicious as he is so interested in the case. There is more to meet the eye. But some things are to close for comfort and not who you expect it could beI guessed who it was when a certain. Piece of evidence was found. This book for sure kept you holding on tho till the near end.Top notch yet again

Lynda Kelly

I whizzed through reading this in the one day !! Though as a rule I never download anything under 200 pages, this was only just shy and was a freebie so I thought I'd give it a go, anyway. I'm pleased I did as I really enjoyed it. What I liked MOST of all is the delicious un-PC-ness of Culverhouse, especially, and therefore also Knight who doesn't get herself all hung up on it, either. The sort of people I like a great deal. He is very reminiscent of the terrific and fictional Gene Hunt who was a tremendous creation.The story wasn't anything particularly new, I'd say, but was still highly entertaining nonethless. I'll definitely be sticking with the series. In fact, this tale brought to mind the Ipswich murders of 2006.Wendy did insist a killer was righthanded since a cut to a throat was done left-to-right BUT she didn't take into account it could've been done from the front !! I did wonder why the killer in this took so long to start murdering after the reasons for doing so were explained.At one point a guy brought in for questioning wasn't happy being referred to as a suspect but this only made sense if they HAD but the prior line was "We believe you may have known her" so believe needed to have been replaced by suspect for it to make sense. Hope I'M making sense in my convoluted explanation. 'Infringing what human rights' lost on from the sentence but that was it for mistakes which is pretty impressive. I'd avoid the book if you tend to be a bit "snowflakey" and don't like bad language and if you're a bit PC. You will not enjoy this, trust me !! It's perfect for me, though.

Kindle Customer

D.S. Wendy Knight is on her first murder case ...Ever since she was a young girl with her father in the force...this has been her dream..Wendy's dream though is about to turn into something else..Wendy doesn't really like Culverhouse...her boss.He is rude, disrespectful and sometimes a bit of a jerk...Now though there are two dead women ...Wendy has a brother who she doesn't see so often but now he needs her....She also has a new love accountant... its early days.... As Wendy becomes more embroiled in the case of the murdered women.... Someone is biding their time....watching waiting ....lurking....laughing ...and killing......Who will be next?...I really enjoyed this story....Although there were dark and gritty parts...I loved the interaction between Culverhouse....who at first I hated....then saw in a different light ..and Wendy.. Young ...yet eager ..gentle....naive ...Culverhouse could learn from Wendy about diplomacy.... While Wendy could learn about life from Culverhouse. At parts I laughed at the humor... but this also had the darkest of secrets......


When a prostitute is found murdered, DS Wendy Knight has finally got her first murder case. As more women were murdered, Wendy not only had to capture the killer but prove to her boss that she was the woman for the job.There were times I felt that Wendy was trying too hard to prove that she was good at her job. Being the only woman on the murder squad did add pressure to her work, but she also put pressure on herself. What didn’t help was her boss DCI Culverhouse, who came across quite chauvinistic and at the start did not respect Wendy.I read this story in one sitting as I wanted to find out who was behind the murders. The working relationship between Knight and Culverhouse grew stronger as the case continued and I had my suspicion that Culverhouse started to respect her.The author had a way of leading you down the wrong path by throwing in a number of red herrings. It is not often I get to the end of the book without guessing who was behind the murders, but on this occasion, I had not got a clue. This story was well plotted and everything was explained clearly and in detail.I will continue with this series as I want to see how their relationship develops. A good thriller