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Adam Croft

The Perfect Lie

The Perfect Lie


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Release date: 19 October 2018

Pages: 310

ISBN: 9781912599608

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What if you were framed for a murder you didn’t commit?

Amy Walker lives the perfect family life with her husband and two young sons. Until a knock at the door turns their lives upside down.

It’s the police. Her father-in-law is dead and they’re arresting her for his murder.

The evidence against her is overwhelming. Forensics and witnesses place her at the scene. But there’s only one problem:

She didn’t do it.

With her family destroyed and a murder sentence looming, Amy must discover who murdered her father-in-law — and why they’re so hell-bent on framing her as the killer.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Gent
Enthralling story

One of the best Adam Croft books. A fascinating plot from the off. Written in the first person drew the reader right into the feelings of desperation of the suspect. Excellent


Being accused of a murder you didn't commit could happen to anyone if the circumstances are right and, in this case, they were.Home relaxing while her family are out, the police arrive to arrest Amy for the murder of her father-in-law but she hasn’t left the house all morning, or has she? Every piece of evidence points towards her and there doesn’t seem any way to clear her name.It was quite engaging, and the short chapters made it easy to read but the financial element didn’t quite seem possible to me and I did have a very strong idea of “who dunnit” halfway through but still read to the end to enjoy how it was revealed.


Amy's life is much the same as any other busy, young mum .. Organised chaos! Except one sunny Saturday morning, her cherished "me time", with no husband or squabbling youngsters to feed and entertain, is shattered with a knock at the door .. It's the police and they're there to arrest her for her much loved father-in-law's vicious murder. The whole "perfect lie" has been meticulously planned for over 18 years and the detail makes it seem impossible that she's innocent or can ever prove her innocence to the bitchy lady detective. Well planned out and with an extremely unforeseen twist at the end, you NEED to read this book!I rarely have a book.. In fact I think this is the first of the many I've read... That I feel I just can't put down but this one had me at the first chapter. Its the first time I've read an Adam Croft book but it certainly won't be the last! Treat yourself!


What I love about Adam's books is the fact that each book is different - and excellent. I don't know how he comes up with such brilliant story ideas, but really glad he does! The Perfect Lie starts off so gently, Amy is relaxing in the garden reading, then a knock comes to the door and two policemen are standing there....I stopped reading for a minute and pictured different scenarios, but what an absolute shock to hear why. The book just gathered pace and took off, my heart racing a wee bit with it, while I was thinking, this could actually happen to someone. The way the story developed was brilliant, and kept me reading until I discovered how it was resolved. Trying very hard not to give anything away here! Cannot recommend highly enough, only thing is as with all Adam's books, couldn't wait to get it and have devoured it again.

Kindle Customer

Love Adam Croft's beautifully written books that are so easy and quick to read. This is no exception with its clever twists. Kept me gripped and enthralled from first to last page. My only problem is there are only a few of Adams books I have not read yet.