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Adam Croft

Tell Me I’m Wrong

Tell Me I’m Wrong


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Release date: 26 January 2018

Pages: 284

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What if you discovered your husband was a serial killer?

Megan Miller is an ordinary woman with a young family — until a shocking discovery shatters her perfect world.

When two young boys are brutally murdered in their tight-knit village community, Megan slowly begins to realise the signs all point to the lovable local primary school teacher — her husband.

But when she begins to delve deeper into her husband's secret life, she makes discoveries that will make her question everything she knows — and make her fear for her young daughter's life.

Facing an impossible decision, she is desperate to uncover the truth. But once you know something, it can’t be unknown. And the more she learns, the more she wishes she never knew anything at all...

Customer Reviews

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Susan Hampson

Being a mum, I have over the years, spent restless nights with all of the ‘what if’ scenarios going through my mind. Weighing up all the risks of just letting my children venture outside but what if the danger to other people’s children was in bed next to me. Bloody hell! Now that is a terrifying thought.Megan had struggled to get pregnant, the birth had been horrendous and even now she was still struggling to bond with her 6 month old daughter. She knew her husband had longed for a son and she knew that wouldn’t ever happen, not with her anyway. He was either at work, as a teacher or fishing, which he did now more than ever.When two young lads from the small village they lived in were found brutally murdered Chris’s behaviour changed. He had taught both boys when they were younger but there was more to it than that, she knew there was. When she found physical evidence at their home, she couldn’t deny it any more. Chris was the killer!Whoa, by this time I was having kittens! Adam Croft put me right inside both Megan’s mind and Chris’s. I didn’t just know what they were thinking I also knew how each of them were feeling, not only about themselves but also about each other. The chapters bounced back and forth between them, with each of them having their say retelling the past and present day as events unfolded.This is one of those stories that you have to remember to breath, because you really aren’t in your body, you are there in the book every step of the way. The murder of children can’t be an easy thing to write and although the crimes are described it isn’t done a macabre twisted way, it is in a very sad and sort of helpless way. The story never really diverts to other people much. Not the families of the boys or the investigation side of things, except when it directly involves Megan and Chris.There are quite a few heart in your mouth moments too, where I was left irrationally giving advice to characters that were not taking a blind bit of notice of me. This is a brilliant read that I felt so very involved in. Highly recommended!

Speed Reader

This book kept me engaged from beginning to end.Megan and Chris are childhood sweethearts and new parents; with all the emotions such a big change brings. Megan isn’t coping, Chris copes by going fishing. Their marriage is in trouble.Told from both Megan and Chris’s point of view, the reader is drawn into their story. Megan is suspicious, so are we; more so because we have access to Chris’s anxiety about his ‘big secret’. We think we know what that is and we wait for him to reveal himself, but he doesn’t.Instead we are witness to Megan’s slow unravelling. She acknowledges that she might be suffering from post-natal depression, and we sympathise with her. But she reveals other details that she has hidden even from herself.Even when her secret is finally revealed to us and she makes a life-changing decision to ensure it remains a secret, we have sympathy for her. She gets her wish, but in a surprise twist at the end, not the way she – or we – expected.

Ann Stanmore

'Mr Croft, you have a lot to answer for ! I pre ordered this and when it came out had to wait until bedtime before starting. Once started I simply couldn’t put it down. 3 o'clock came and went (struggling to stay awake but had to read more), eventually fell asleep. Next morning I decided all jobs could wait (thank goodness I'm retired), I had to finish the book first.'The above paragraph is from a previous review for In Her Image and applies to this book as well. I know when I start one of Adam Crofts books I'll be completely hooked !We have Megan struggling as a new mum, wondering if she has post natal depression. Then there is her husband Chris who keeps escaping to go fishing. Chris also has a closely guarded secret.The peace and quiet of the small village where Chris and Megan live is shattered when two young boys are murdered. Both boys had attended the local primary school where Chris was a teacher.Megan begins to have frightening thoughts when she finds a blood stained baseball cap in the wheelie bin. Who put it there? Nobody but herself and Chris had access to the bin. The suspicions start.This is all the more interesting being written with both Megan and Chris's perception.Adam Croft has done it again and excelled himself! I am already hungry for the next one .........


well what can I say without spoiling it. Megan has had a baby six months ago a little girl she is married to Chris the local primary teacher to the outside world they are the perfect couple living the perfect life in their small safe village. Trouble is Megan can't bond with the baby, Chris is acting out of Character moody going off fishing for hours and hours on end and he has even became violent hitting Megan. Then their world and the village life is shattered by the murder of a little boy called Rilley a child that was in Chris class last year. Megan becomes convinced that Chris was responsible for the child death but is she delusional or is she really living with a child killer. She is trying to figure this out when the body of another child is found is she married to a serial killer or has her mental health deteriorated that much that she has started imagining things? As a reader your never quite sure if what Megan is seeing and doing is real or fantasy. You know Chris is hiding something a huge secret that will shatter the world for everyone in his life but what is that secret? As a reader you never quite sure you think you know but then he does or says something that makes you doubt what you think you knew. The book is cleverly written from both characters points of view I must admit there are few twists and I managed to work out one halfway through the book but WOW I never saw that ending coming.

Kindle Customer

It took me a while to get into this story but it was well worth sticking with it. Very well written & actually drew me to tears. Definitely something different & compelling.