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Adam Croft

In Too Deep

In Too Deep


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Series: Knight & Culverhouse (Book #5)

Release date: 8 July 2016

Pages: 270

ISBN: 9781912599622

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No clues. No time. One chance to expose a terrifying secret.

DS Wendy Knight has endured both tragedy and pain in her short time with Mildenheath CID's murder squad. Her grizzled partner DCI Jack Culverhouse has seen it all. But neither of them is prepared for a case without a single lead.

A journalist with her finger on the pulse of Mildenheath’s corrupt underbelly is beaten within an inch of her life. With a comatose victim and a defenceless child as the only witness, Knight & Culverhouse must reveal the horrifying truth before the ruthless killer comes back to finish the job.

Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews

Yet another great book from Adam Croft. I am gradually working my way through the Knight and Culverhouse series and am thoroughly enjoying each one. Adam’s books are quick reads with every page turn urging you to read on and at the end of each chapter you find yourself drawn into the next. This story is fairly simple – a woman attacked on her own doorstep at night and only survived because her young daughter saw the attach taking place. Why was she attacked and will she survive? As the story progresses the intrigue grows until eventually we reach the conclusion. In the meantime, Jack Culverhouse is still on his quest to find his missing daughter and Wendy is still trying to form a relationship with a man. The only disappointment I found with this book was that the ending seemed a bit rushed and I felt there were a few loose ends. Other than that, an excellent read and it won’t be too long before I get stuck into the next one.


Love the style of writing from. Adam Croft .good storyline with some great personal touches Culverhouse and Knight are a good team and can see these books as a good tv seriesLooking forward to next book in the series !!

Mr. Kenneth D. Jones

Adam Croft has done it yet again. “In Too Deep” is the fifth book in the Knight and Culverhouse series, and is a very, very clever story, crisply written and with a brilliant climax. As with the other books in this series, the story takes you over and you find yourself page turning into the night. If you like police procedural stories with an original twist, do yourself a favour and dive into this series. Very, very highly recommended.

RC Welsby

I have read most of Adam Croft's books and they never fail to please. I like the partnership between grumpy, outspoken Culverhouse and Wendy Knight, whom I have to say can get a bit big for her boots at times. I often wonder how she gets away with interrupting, suggesting if not telling a senior office how to run the case. But it all acts out with the right amount of thrills and gore..

FCS Thistle

I enjoyed this book as it had an interesting plot with well developed characters as well as some good sub plots particularly relating to Jack's family. However, I identified the main plot twist early on so the ending was not a surprise hence the 4 rating. Looking forward to the next book.