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Adam Croft

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In Her Image


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Release date: 1 May 2017

Pages: 348

ISBN: 9781912599684

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He's watching. He knows everything about you. And you don't even know he's there.

No-one believes Alice Jefferson’s stalker exists. But he’s been in her house. And he's made sure she knows it.

With the police unable to find any trace of him, Alice starts to doubt her own sanity. But then she uncovers his true identity — a shocking revelation that will turn her entire world upside down and leave her unable to trust anybody — even herself.

When she discovers his chilling plans, Alice is left terrified and frightened for her life. Can she escape before it’s too late?

Customer Reviews

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David King
In Her Image

Just as good as other books - brilliant

Ann Stanmore

Mr Croft, you have a lot to answer for ! I pre ordered this and when it came out had to wait until bedtime before starting. Once started I simply couldn’t put it down. 3 o'clock came and went (struggling to stay awake but had to read more), eventually fell asleep. Next morning I decided all jobs could wait (thank goodness I'm retired), I had to finish the book first.I found I was in Alice's world and what a frightening place to be! What can she do ? Where can she go ? Was there anyone who would believe her ?Chilling, scary but what a good book. I think this is the best of Adam Crofts books so far, even surpassing the brilliant Her Last Tomorrow.Definitely a must read.

Melanie Austin

I was totally hooked on this book from the start, very interesting plot, Alice is a normal girl, she has had her issues suffering with mental health, but she is on medication and trying to get on with life. She has split with her boyfriend, Kieran, deciding he is not the right man for her and is set to get on with her daily life of work, kickboxing classes and seeing her friends.This all changes when she meets a man called Gavin Armitage, a photographer who thinks Alice could have that "model" look about her. Alice investigates Gavin and decides all seems legit and decides to let him take some photographs of her for his portfolio.Following Alice's photoshoot she receives some of the photos from Gavin, but all is not what it seems and she soon realises she could be in danger. The trouble is, can she get anyone to believe that she is telling the truth and that it is not her paranoia before it is too late.A gripping book from start to finish and this definitely makes me want to double check I have locked my door at night.

Bob Hurley

I like Adam Croft's novels. This one follows the story of Alice and how she becomes a stalkers victim. As ever Croft brings the story together by weaving one or more characters into the tale. Kiran, Alice's ex, Simon her new boyfriend along with a number of police officers who do and then don't believe Alice is being stalked. Thrilling ending.

marj Venmore

Once again Adam Croft as done it again wrote another brilliant book, he brings the best out of the characters that you almost feel as if you know them. He's one of a few authors who can do this. I absolutely love his books they are very well written the stories are really really gripping that I find them difficult to put down. This one be is no exception just keeps you guessing and once you find out who it is then because of his job it's a difficult situation to be in, I just kept on thinking how is this going to end its a difficult one to imagine. You must read this book you are missing out if you dont, thank you Adam Croft for another genuinely brilliant book can't wait until your next one definitely a must read must must read