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Adam Croft

Her Last Tomorrow

Her Last Tomorrow


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Release date: 4 December 2015

Pages: 298

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Could you murder your wife to save your daughter?

On the surface, Nick Connor's life is seemingly perfect: a quiet life with his beautiful family and everything he could ever want. But soon his murky past will collide with his idyllic life and threaten the very people he loves the most in the world.

When his five-year-old daughter, Ellie, is kidnapped, Nick's life is thrown into a tailspin. In exchange for his daughter's safe return, Nick will have to do the unthinkable: he must murder his wife.

With his family's lives hanging in the balance, what will Nick do? Can he and his family survive when the evil that taunts them stems from the sins of his past?

Customer Reviews

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Monique Codner
Wonderful book

I really enjoyed this book of Adam Croft! I ordered the signed, limited edition and am thrilled that the book was an excellent read.

Adam Croft his usual fantastic self

Great book, well written, suspense and thrills a plenty. Her Last Tomorrow is not a book to start if you only have a short time, because putting it down is nearly impossible.
Thank you Adam.

Sally Catling
Her Last Tomorrow

An enthralling thriller that kept you hooked from start to finish. A real page turner with a brilliant twist!

Vera Clayton

Brilliant book read it 4 times


I sometimes think that I am an advertiser's dream as it was another Facebook advert that caught my eye and enticed me to read this book by Adam Croft. I was intrigued by the tagline 'murder your wife to save your daughter'.There is no build up to the kidnap of Nick's daughter Ellie. Within a matter of pages we are thrown into the anguish and terror Nick feels at the loss of his daughter. I found this book differed completely to my expectations especially when it came to the character of Nick. Without giving too much away I found the way in which he deals with the ultimatum given to him by the kidnapper really strange but it made the book even more intriguing and gave him more depth. The direction this book took was like nothing I've read before and I really enjoyed the twist and turns that it took me on. The way in which police investigate missing children was really explored in this book and I felt Nick's frustrations all the way through.I can't go into as much detail about this book as I would like as it would take away the suspense and shock at some of the events that happen in this book. So I would sum this book up as a refreshing take on the kidnap of a child. It has a lot of depth with plenty of flawed characters to get to know. It has a good pace and I like the methodical thinking of Nick. It was nice to read a thriller with a male protagonist - which I haven't done for a while. The twists in this book and the lengths at which Nick is prepared to go to save his daughter make this book something I would happily read again and recommend to all my friends! To conclude the premise did not disappoint and really enjoyed it and I'm glad I fell for the advertising. I'm looking forward to reading more of Adam Croft's work.