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Adam Croft

Death Under the Sun

Death Under the Sun

Kempston Hardwick (Book #3)

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Series: Kempston Hardwick (Book #3)

Release date: 16 March 2014

Pages: 222

ISBN: 9781912599738

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Holidays can be murder...

Sun, sea, sand and murder. How do you find a killer amongst a group of holidaymakers with their own hidden agendas and sordid backgrounds?

After solving two particularly tricky murder cases, Kempston Hardwick needs a holiday. At least that's what his friend, Ellis Flint, in his infinite wisdom, believes.

When the pair arrive on the twenty-four-hour Greek party island of Friktos, Hardwick is in his idea of hell. Eventually, he decides to make the most of his holiday and to try to relax.

That is until one of their fellow holidaymakers is found dead in their apartment...

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Howard Martin

The third Kempston Hardwick mystery takes Kempston and Ellis abroad, an event which really highlights the difference in their characters. As usual, the author keeps you guessing right until the very last moment as to 'who dunnit' by the careful deployment of a few red herrings.A very enjoyable series of books whose enjoyment can be considerably enhanced if the first book 'Exit Stage Left' is purchased as an audio book. characters of Kempston Hardwick and Ellis Flint are thoughtfully brought to life by Robert Daws & Stephen Palfreman, which gives the reader the considerable advantage of reading the rest of the series in the voices of these two great actors, at no additional cost!Can't wait for the next one.....

K. Gallagher

Kempston Hardwick is a man with a brilliant deductive mind and a past he keeps to himself. With his unlikely sidekick Ellis Flint, he seems to regularly find himself in situations where someone has met a sticky end and his powers of detection can be put to good use.. Even when he is supposed to be getting away from it all on holiday! A very enjoyable read!

Jess C

I loved reading 'Death Under The Sun' - the most recent Kempston Hardwick mystery novel. It had everything a great British mystery should have - the Holmes-esque detective, the 'comedy' sidekick, a grisly murder, several suspects, and - in this case - a sunny holiday location. I had no idea who the murderer was going to be, so it kept me guessing throughout, and as ever, the chemistry between Hardwick and Ellis injects a great energy into Croft's mysteries. A very enjoyable read, and the perfect book to take with you if you're about to go on holiday to a sunny resort! I'm really hoping the author will write more Kempston Hardwick mysteries in the future.


I'm an avid reader of books by Adam Croft. This was the first of the Kempston Hardwick series I've read and it was an easy read with a good plot. It wasn't quite as gripping as the stand alone books but I liked that because it allowed the reader to get a feel of the characters and i hope to learn more about them as i continue the series.

Lucy Hayward

A completely different type of detective if you are familiar with Adam Croft's other one, Jack Culverhouse. Kempston Hardwick is a gentler, more gentlemanly sleuth - reminiscent of Agatha Christie, (which I consider very high praise as no one tells a mystery story like she does as far as I'm concerned). With humour and respect for the classic 'whodunnit', Kempston Hardwick manages to find his man in a believable way. Great characters, well drawn and acutely observed.