Environmental Policy

We have a zero-waste and 100% recyclable materials policy. We go to great lengths to ensure the production and distribution of books sold through the online shop is as environmentally friendly as possible.


Packaging materials

All books are packaged using 100% recyclable materials.

Your books will arrive boxed in fully compostable cardboard, and packed out with recycled paper where required. Where tape is needed, we use only recyclable paper-based tape. Where glue is required, we use solvent-free glue rollers made from 100% recycled plastic. The rollers themselves are also fully recyclable after use.

Printing and carbon footprint

Many online bookstores and retailers — including Amazon — hold minimal stock and will produce and distribute books 'on demand', often one at a time. This results in an unnecessarily high carbon footprint.

All books ordered from the Adam Croft online shop are printed in bulk runs and held in active stock, reducing the carbon footprint caused by their production. No books are destroyed or pulped.

Our print partner is one of the largest book printing and distribution companies in the world, and they have strong environmental policies. They are committed to:

  • Ensuring paper is sustainably sourced, only from environmentally responsible suppliers
  • FSC Chain-of-custody certification, ensuring biodiversity conservation, protection of endangered species and workers' health and safety
  • Driving down CO2 emissions and reducing waste

All other printed materials (bookmarks, note cards etc) are printed in Oakham, Rutland. This enables us to continue supporting local businesses whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

A continued and sustained effort

We're committed to protecting our planet, and are aware of the shifting landscape and continued developments in environmentally-friendly. Because of this, we make concerted efforts to stay abreast of ways in which we can continue to make our business more environmentally friendly every day.