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Adam Croft

The Wrong Man

The Wrong Man

Kempston Hardwick (Book #5)
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Series: Kempston Hardwick (Book #5)

Release date: 29 April 2019

Pages: 220

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Book launches are rarely exciting. The odd murder tends to spice things up a bit, though.

When famous novelist Rupert Pearson's PA doesn't turn up for his book launch at the Freemason's Arms, he's more annoyed than upset. He certainly didn't expect someone to find her face-down in a ditch.

For Kempston Hardwick, dead PAs are business as usual. Unfortunately. At least there are lots of excuses to visit the pub.

But why had she made so many enemies? Why are the police so keen to fit up an innocent man? And where did Doug's pickled onions go?

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