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Adam Croft

Jack Be Nimble

Jack Be Nimble

Knight & Culverhouse (Book #3)
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Series: Knight & Culverhouse (Book #3)

Release date: 10 July 2015

Pages: 254

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They know when he will kill again... but not who he will kill

As DCI Jack Culverhouse comes to terms with his ex-wife's dramatic return after she disappeared eight and a half years earlier and DS Wendy Knight tries to cope with with the devastating events of two previous cases, a killer is loose on the streets of Mildenheath.

As the body count begins to rise, Knight and Culverhouse start to realise that the killer is emulating the gruesome, grisly murders of the world's most famous and elusive serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

They know he's going to kill again, but they don't know where or who his next victim will be. And what's worse, they don't know who he is either...

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