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Adam Croft

Death Under the Sun

Death Under the Sun

Kempston Hardwick (Book #3)
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Series: Kempston Hardwick (Book #3)

Release date: 16 March 2014

Pages: 222

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Holidays can be murder...

Sun, sea, sand and murder. How do you find a killer amongst a group of holidaymakers with their own hidden agendas and sordid backgrounds?

After solving two particularly tricky murder cases, Kempston Hardwick needs a holiday. At least that's what his friend, Ellis Flint, in his infinite wisdom, believes.

When the pair arrive on the twenty-four-hour Greek party island of Friktos, Hardwick is in his idea of hell. Eventually, he decides to make the most of his holiday and to try to relax.

That is until one of their fellow holidaymakers is found dead in their apartment...

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