About Adam

Adam CroftI was passionate about reading and writing from a very early age. Ever since I could read my first word, I’ve always had a book glued to my hands. I’ve never experienced any sort of difficulty in comprehending or using the English language and I find it beautiful and mesmerising. My mother solely credits Sheila K. McCullagh’s One, Two, Three and Away for my flair for language. I admit I was too young at the time to know what really influenced me, but I do remember those books to this day.

Throughout school life, English became something of a chore. It was, after all, a lesson the same as mathematics or physics and as a result my adolescent brain attributed it the same air of mediocrity. It was in my final GCSE year that I reclaimed my love for English and developed a passion I can credit to someone for myself – my GCSE English teacher. The teacher shall remain nameless as we still keep in touch and I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone. As a result of this reignited passion, I took an ‘A’ level in English Language. I didn’t go to university: I didn’t know for certain what I wanted to do with my life, if the truth be told. Instead, I chose to study English language and literature as an amateur and have filled my brain with the works of Fowler, Crystal and Bragg ever since.

Most of my published work to date has sat within the crime and thriller genres. Amongst my literary heroes and influences, I would include Peter James, P. G. Wodehouse, Oscar Wilde, Harold Pinter, Agatha Christie and Colin Dexter.